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How do I contact A.A.?

The above question more often comes in the form of;

"How can I get my spouse to wise up and quit drinking ?".

Since alcoholics are people who have an illness in which they have lost the ability to control their drinking, you are not likely to be able to control it for them. However, acquiring knowledge about alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous, will allow you to communicate more effectively with the alcoholic when the opportunity arises.

You might want to try one or more of the following ideas:

Offer to help the alcoholic get in touch with A.A., explaining that this will entail no obligation to become a member.

Offer to attend a few A.A. open meetings with the alcoholic, for informational reasons.

Explain to individuals that only they themselves know whether they are really alcoholics and suggest a talk with someone from A.A. to help clarify the problem.

Talk to the alcoholic always in terms of suggestion, avoiding threats or lectures.

Justifications and denial are a frustrating aspect of the disease of alcoholism. Recovery from active alcoholism depends strongly upon the alcoholic coming to his/her own decision about the desire for help.

Become acquainted with A.A. literature, particularly the book Alcoholics Anonymous, which is Alcoholics Anonymous's basic text, and is available for purchase at local groups.

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Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcholics to achieve sobriety.

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