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How does the A. A. program and meetings work? Who can attend?

A.A. members share their experience with anyone seeking help with a drinking problem; they give person-to-person service or "sponsorship" to the alcoholic coming to A.A. from any source.

The A.A. program, set forth in our Twelve Steps, offers the alcoholic a way to develop a satisfying life without alcohol.

This program is discussed at A.A. group meetings.

a) Open Speaker Meetings: Open to alcoholics and non-alcoholics. Here A.A. members "tell their stories". They describe their experiences with alcohol, how they came to A.A., and how their lives have changed as a result of A.A.

b) Open Discussion Meetings: Open to alcoholics and non-alcoholics. One member speaks briefly about his or her drinking experience, and then leads a discussion on some aspect of A.A., recovery, or any drinking-related problem anyone brings up.

(Open meetings can provide interested family members or friends an opportunity to learn more about what A.A. is, what it does, and what it does not do. They often come with the A.A. member as support.)

c) Closed Discussion Meetings: These are for alcoholics or prospective A.A.'s only. They are conducted in much the same manner as Open Discussion meetings

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